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We offer a fast, convenient and user friendly parcel delivery service where consumers feel appreciated and businesses empowered






Who we are 

mylerz is a parcel delivery company that is not only well aware of what the eCommerce businesses need but also understand consumer desires better than all. For the first time in Egypt, mylerz introduces a fast same day delivery through the use of unmatched technologies to ensure transfer of parcels from one entity to the other in a window of 2 to 8 hours. We are committed to a last mile delivery service where we always prioritize your time, effort and money, delivering your products in a timely manner without troubling you in the process.


We are smart innovators, that refuse being boxed with conformity and more passionate about creating and delivering new experiences. And because we are intrigued by challenges, pushing boundaries and change, we brought you mylerz to not only improve the delivery service, but to also stimulate the market through challenging the status quo. By providing quick same day delivery and creating fulfillment centers which allows us to store e-commerce highly demanded products in mylerz’s hubs across the city, which is how we ensure a fast and efficient delivery process to our customers across Cairo. It is also of utmost important to empower our sellers and e-commerce businesses through providing them with platforms to showcase and sell their products, increasing their reliability and consumer’s awareness about them.


Our partners came together with different expertise and credibility to revolutionize a market with room for great improvement and development. Creating a community that not only includes our employees but also our consumers and businesses. 

Why we do

 Setting an example of advocating for innovation and social responsibility for different businesses. 

What we do

Offer a fast, convenient and user friendly parcel delivery service where consumers feel appreciated and businesses empowered. 

Our Values 


We work with unwavering passion towards offering a service closest to perfection. But we are also extremely passionate about givingour consumers an experience that is appreciative of their time and effort.


We believe that our consumers are the core of our attention and are part of the Mylerz community; hence we are dedicated to expressing this care through providing the most convenient service we could offer.   


We carry a responsibility of giving back to our community and supporting it, therefore we are committed to youth empowerment as well as being socially responsible and using our assets greatly in this regard.


Being a flat organization allows us to constantly empower our family of employees and support a positive environment amongst the teams.

Giving Back to the Community
The Solution

But mylerz have got the dilemma solved! Through providing a fast service using the newest and the state of the art technologies we offer you a fast delivery service that respects your tight schedule. Technologies we use not only facilitate the delivery service in terms of speed but it also makes the whole experience more engaging and personal keeping you connected through it all. Analyzing delivery information provided through our advanced technologies and artificial intelligence help us get to you faster and allow you to constantly feel more cared for. You’re provided with a direct mean of communication with your myler to change locations and track your parcel through the app.

Being a mylerz customer does not only mean using your app or service, it means being part of our community – our family. mylerz customer service, employees and businesses are at your service to offer you the most personal and convenient hospitality you could feel.


Our passion, technology and understanding of the market allows us to ensure that your delivery isn’t just timely but correct, in greatest quality and very smooth. We are delivering happiness through allowing you to only feel excitement and anticipation for your parcel rather than inconvenience and hassle.


As part of our efforts to continuously help e-commerce businesses to grow and develop we use a technology that is of value to them as well. We provide clients with a reporting package that show them detailed data analytics regarding their sales and consumer behavior, including demographics and geographical areas in which they achieve greater sales.


The reporting package is designed to help businesses grow their sales, choose their strategies with the correct targets in mind and help them with their business decisions. This way we capitalize on our technology and artificial intelligence used at mylerz to not only improve our operations but also offer value to eCommerce businesses.

The Dilemma 

Due to various causes there are numerous market problems and gaps in the parcel delivery service market. One of the major factors is traffic and delivery time, we never expect our parcels in a timely manner and we rarely know when will we be receiving it. Consumers are hardly informed with the specific time of delivery, which often cause a lot of confusion and sometimes they are not present to receive their parcels by the time they arrive. In addition to some incompetency in processing orders or handling them which often result in receiving mistaken or damaged items. Also most last mile delivery processes are neither engaging with consumers nor with businesses which makes them unaware of the needs and updates in what a consumer and a business want or need development in, as the world spins around so fast we need to be running just as fast with it.

Because we believe in having a vital role in the community that goes far more than being a successful business, one of our main core beliefs is being socially responsible in various aspects. One of which is maintaining an ethical framework and also being part of raising awareness on different socially important topics through partnering up with different NGOs and entities with these values is a role we are committed to stick to. In addition to being great believers of the power and energy of the youth, which intrigues us to highly pay attention to youth empowerment within Mylerz and with the type of e-commerce businesses we support through our service.


We are also going to be holding various educational workshops to our partners, especially eCommerce businesses, about the best means to brand themselves, grow sales and develop their business in general. Because our role does not just end with delivering a product from one point to the other, but we also want to be part of the development of such businesses and ensure that consumers constantly are offered improved products and ranges.

Regional Player

We are starting with our launch in Egypt and planning to expand our services throughout the MEA Region connecting more people and improving more delivery services. 

Meet The Team


Samer Gharaibeh

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Founder and CEO

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