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We offer a fast, convenient and user friendly parcel delivery service where consumers feel appreciated and businesses empowered

The Dilemma

Due to various causes there are numerous market problems and gaps in the parcel delivery service market. One of the major factors is traffic and delivery time, we never expect our parcels in a timely manner and we rarely know when will we be receiving it. Consumers are hardly informed with the specific time of delivery, which often cause a lot of confusion and sometimes they are not present to receive their parcels by the time they arrive. In addition to some incompetency in processing orders or handling them which often result in receiving mistaken or damaged items. Also most last mile delivery processes are neither engaging with consumers nor with businesses which makes them unaware of the needs and updates in what a consumer and a business want or need development in, as the world spins around so fast we need to be running just as fast with it.

The Solution

But mylerz have got the dilemma solved! Through providing a fast service using the newest and the state of the art technologies we offer you a fast delivery service that respects your tight schedule. Technologies we use not only facilitate the delivery service in terms of speed but it also makes the whole experience more engaging and personal keeping you connected through it all. Analyzing delivery information provided through our advanced technologies and artificial intelligence help us get to you faster and allow you to constantly feel more cared for. You’re provided with a direct mean of communication with your myler to change locations and track your parcel through the app. Being a mylerz customer does not only mean using your app or service, it means being part of our community – our family. mylerz customer service, employees and businesses are at your service to offer you the most personal and convenient hospitality you could feel.


Our passion, technology and understanding of the market allows us to ensure that your delivery isn’t just timely but correct, in greatest quality and very smooth. We are delivering happiness through allowing you to only feel excitement and anticipation for your parcel rather than inconvenience and hassle. As part of our efforts to continuously help e-commerce businesses to grow and develop we use a technology that is of value to them as well. We provide clients with a reporting package that show them detailed data analytics regarding their sales and consumer behavior, including demographics and geographical areas in which they achieve greater sales.


The reporting package is designed to help businesses grow their sales, choose their strategies with the correct targets in mind and help them with their business decisions. This way we capitalize on our technology and artificial intelligence used at mylerz to not only improve our operations but also offer value to e-commerce businesses.


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