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We offer a fast, convenient and user friendly parcel delivery service where consumers feel appreciated and businesses empowered

mylerz Services 

mylerz offers a wide range of innovative transportation and logistics technologies to support your business needs. From 2 to 8 hours last mile delivery service, fulfillment centers strategically located all over greater Cairo and value added services, we can help make your business more efficient and increase customer satisfaction. Our services and features are the asset that make us unique and differentiate us but more importantly they’re what distinguish your experience!  Our services range in pickup point, destinations and budgets.


Door to Door

Delivering a parcel from one entity to another within hours

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Door to Counter

mylerz provides a method that is more convenient and budget friendly; where a customer sends their parcel to a mylerz’ hub closest to the recipient for them to pick it up from there


 Counter to Counter

mylerz provides the most budget friendly service; having the ecommerce drop the parcel at the closest hub to the customer.  


 Counter to Door

mylerz  delivers the parcel from the hub to the desired address

Our Features 


Getting hands on your parcel after placing your order from 2-6 hours. Providing the regular door to door service at a cheaper price and faster than other businesses.


You have control over when and where you receive your parcel, you are no longer stressed out by uncertainty of the delivery time and you could directly contact the Myler to change locations and track them. 


This feature is for the last minute buyers or those who do not always want to plan ahead; we help you out through sending complimenting products with your order in case you’re in need of it! Your convenience and experience is always a priority. 


Having all your essentials and highly demanded products in store for the fastest and most cost effective delivery possible. 


For all e-commerce businesses that are dependent on social media networks to have their own platforms on our app to be able to showcase and sell products. 


A premium niche service for those of you who are looking for a more luxurious experience which is a higher cost than the regular service. And is essentially for premium parcels and significant gift sending. 

mylerz Elite

For those in search of a premium service that is safe and trustworthy to send more valuable items in with a sophisticated luxurious delivery, mylerz Elite is for you. It is a sub brand that offers a more prime service with a different vehicle, myler uniform and an overall experience.

Regional Player

We are starting with our launch in Egypt and planning to expand our services throughout the MEA region connecting more people and improving more delivery services. 

Find out how mylerz services can help your business

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